Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.


Simply give your customer the chance to design his furniture by himself: Mobile, anywhere, whenever he chooses and with whomever he wants – Presentation and pricesuggestion included. You profit from all the advantages of an onlineshop with minimum effort. Using a link which you implement in your homepage, your customer will get all the information he needs on how to use this free APP – no matter if he has Android-, Apple- or Windows-tablets.


With TrunAPP your customer is able to create his individual dream furniture on his tablet or smartphone. Due to the presentation and the provisional quote he will see your professionality. So he is convinced to talk to the best possible contact person for his matter. With only one click you’re receiving the data from the customer. After that it’s up to a personal meeting to talk about the last details and suggestions.


You’re able to import the data directly into TrunCAD. Finish up all the bespoke details and create an individual offer. As soon as the order is granted, TrunCAD will give you all the necessary data to order the material and start the production process. If needed it will export these right to your CNC-Machine. That’s how TrunCAD in cooperation with TrunAPP ensures an early integration of the customer and thus more sales.

THAT’S HOW EASY IT IS – With TrunAPP in just a few steps to the new furniture

Only 6 minutes to the new furniture

Operation via the menu

Just run from top to bottom

Take a picture of the position of the furniture or load it from the album

Enter the length of the wall so that the furniture fits the picture

With the eraser you can remove elements

Just put the body in the room

Easy to set position and size precisely

Select the required base type and determine the height

Optimal separation with partitions vertically

Position the intermediate shelf

Any, depending on the intended use, insert floor mat

... and position everything exactly

Necessary interior equipment such as clothes hangers ...

... or even glass floors in the middle ...

... as well as two moves below

Place two-part doors left and right ...

... and position the two required drawers

Choose the right interior decor ...