Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.


With the modules you suit TrunCAD to your operational requirements. Whether photorealsim or library, or in terms of calculation or production-related with cutting optimization or panel saw. This is how you keep on using your planning data optimally.


Create your own individual library. Furniture you need more often only needs to be planned once and then add them in your project.  With this module you also customize shapeswith the integrated 2D CAD.


Present your design realstic. Due to automatically set light sources you realise shadows or reflections for the optimal lighting effect. With accessories that can be placed automatically you present the situation in a real-life manner.


With the module table, counter, bed you create your furniture quickly with just a few clicks thanks to the predefined constructions. Thanks to the library for your frequently used basic designs you get the furniture pretty fast and save a lot of time.


During the complete designprocess you see the exact price which adapts immediately when there's a change in any way. Of course taking into account your hourly rate, the material costs and the disired margin of profit.


You have an specific solution for your calculation? You can pass all data for further order procedure to order processing or ERP systems such as corpora, Borm, Kuhnle, OSD etc. with this module. That's how you always have your orders together.


Do you have a conventional panel saw, you optimize your cuttingplans directly from the design. Otherwise you export your data to all standard panel saws as Holzma, HOLZ-HER, Selco, Striebig, Giben, Panhans and many more. So you can save a lot of time and material.


Using this module you optimize your cutting  based on your specific project, avoiding unnecessary waste material and save time and costs. After that you should print your cutting plans and labels to identify each part. 


The rules of this ancient Chinese doctrine can be found in modern living situations increasingly. With this module you analyze how you can design your ideal furniture with just a few changes in your planning. This is how you expand your offering and appeal to new customers.