Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.

SLOPE – 4 minutes

Just enter cabinet dimension,  apex height and the angle of slope and the sloped cabinet is  constructed. With TrunCAD CNC it is ready for production on the machine in just four minutes.

SIDEBOARD – 3 minutes

Simply enter the dimensions, assign the material and the construction is done. Connectors, hinges and handles are automatically positioned according to your specifications, so that the BOM is correct - in just three minutes with TrunCAD START.

BOARD – 8 minutes

No matter how many items there are in your furniture - eight minutes are enough. With TrunCAD CNC and the presentation you get the entire process planning up to your CNC-machine.

LIVINGWALL – 9 minutes

Easily plan your furniture or design a whole room and arrange entire rooms completely.
You can do this together with your customers, because with TrunCAD PROFESSIONAL  your presentation is completed in nine minutes.

KITCHEN – 5 minutes

Planning a kitchen can be so fast… Just fix the basic shape, whether it's straigt, in L- or U-shape, with or without cooking island. With TrunCAD PROFESSIONAL the kitchen is planned to the minutest details within five minutes.

OFFICE DESK – 2 minutes

With few entries the desk is finished and you can print all items of planning with the exact measurement information. So  this furniture is ready for production in just two minutes with TrunCAD START.