Design, present and manufacture furniture : Quick and easy. Either manually or using a CNC. That’s what we are specialized in.

Dirk Gewiontek:

TrunCAD's that simple. Our apprentices in his first year of apprenticeship makes all cabinets with it and everything fits perfectly!
SGS Innenausbau, Frankfurt am Main

Elmar Neiger:

First I was sure, that TrunCAD wouldn't help us. Now I've seen: With TrunCAD I save a lot of time in daily use.
Bau- und Möbeltischlerei Neiger, Wien (Österreich)

Marco Capobianco:

We could use TrunCAD instantly and demonstrate to our customer, because there was no training necessary and no libraries had to be created.
M-Drei GmbH, Unterföhring

Hans Odermatt:

The TrunCAD export of data to BOM and especially CNC - this is top notch.
Biber und Specht, Dallenwil (Schweiz)

Ferdinand Bauer:

Although I have no experience with computers, I could plan multiple cabinets with TrunCAD on the very first day. This program is great.
Schreinerei Bauer, Egmating

Martin Schrader:

The best thing about TrunCAD is that you  can start working right after installing the programm.
Tischlerei Schrader und Rheker Gbr, Höxter